zaterdag 27 oktober 2012


Was aanwezig bij de start van Occupy vorig jaar:


WHO is  ANGRY?!?!?!
I think and feel it's good to be aware that the world  is being mis-led
by rulers who operate by force.

But the solution, i believe, is a combination of more knowledge and...  LOVE.
So making love  is very important to carry actually the right vibe.

However if we spread anger, IT'S EASY to get caught up
in a DIVIDE-and-RULE-game between people and police.
Furthermore the potential of love transcends boundaries:
Thus If we feel love, we are far more DANGEROUS for external rulers, because a CONNECTION is there to be felt.

But this LOVE needs to be in balance    with knowledge.
For love without knowledge becomes stupidity.
And knowledge without love is arrogance.
Now about violence...
THE problem is that violence you use, will be used as excuse to use violence against you. EVEN so when the police starts, and also even when the mainstream media maintains a negative focus, it is simply the example that we give and live.
It is also more difficult to stay peaceful,
it's a personal test.

Having said that, i do agree
that rightful anger that we feel,
is good to stand for a cause we need.
This cause is  FREEDOM!
But if you're blinded by anger,
and project it outside, you become more vunerable
because solid peace is missing inside.
This peace has to live within us.

So let's become peaceful warriors.
That's the spirit, come on LET US
Promote Freedom as a birthRight.
Let that be the principle for us to unite!

Freedom people: Power to the Peaceful.

Dit jaar wederom met deze:


Last year @ the start of Occupy
I was the first one to speak up
Stated how we need knowledge and LOVE.

Because actually; while we are gathered here
We are in the middle of an INFORMATION-WAR.

We need to investigate the system. Merely being against it is not enough!!
And be aware there is a lot of strong mis-information circling around like  the NWO,
diverting attention, like also the CO2-story, the Galactic Federation and more.
This kind of misinformation resonates with old parts of our personality where we accept simple generalisations as absolute truths.

Also many still believe or simply hope that through existing politics we can change
the ways. I tell you: that will not happen, actually totally the opposite.
I call it modern slavery. Played through the money-game.

And believing in politics is also too passive to my taste. We need to present
change ourselves. Following leaders is out-of-date; Fish-behavior;
We have the real right (as one human being) to be the boss of our own time. OK?!

We need to participate in other ways. Investigate alternatives. TAKE very good
care of ourselves, what we eat, to read knowledge that feeds us, let emotions
be a concious and feedbackgiving part of our life. Not pay and play a party-slave. Ojee.

In terms of revolution: i strongly feel that spreading information, like putting up catching posters, dealing flyers and so on a daily basis IN PUBLIC SPACE is more effective than just gathering to express anger. When all this advertisment in public space is legal so should be our own right of freely adding something. While it is still possible! I say more effective cause when we spread information in more places, like also on festivals for example, and more frequently we simply reach more people. Internet is to our blessing also still a source of free information and possibility to spread it around. But censorship has already begun.

Also we need to talk to people in daily life. To exercise that ability. To help them understand a bit. But first we need to know ourselves and take care of that. Keep it simple or elaborate if people are smart and you possess the capacity to feed them well.

Be spiritual, ~act creative~
In your own way, joOo, personal flow is sacred.
HURRAY!!! Leve Jezelf: